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A Pay What You Want Fundraiser--extended availablility through Thursday, June 21!!

All proceeds support Syringa Mountain School (see details at the page bottom)

Here's what you get when you donate whatever amount speaks to you: 

  • Access to The Closet Makeover 5-Day Transformation ($297 value) 
  • A private group forum to keep you accountable and make progress EASY (priceless)
  • Live Implementation Workshop ($400 value)
  • A chance to win a 1-on-1 coaching call ($250 value)
  • The fulfillment in your heart knowing you are supporting an amazing school that has the opportunity to transform the lives of 135 children everyday (priceless). THANK YOU!

About The Closet Makeover... 

It was inspiring feeling the momentum of the community, having a sense of accountability and defined timeline, applying the tips & strategies along the way and seeing my surroundings with a new perspective. --Esti McCoy  

Do you hold onto clothing you never wear, because you might want it someday? 

Do you still have a piece of clothing lurking from your high school years?

Do you have a hard time keeping your closet organized, getting dressed in the morning or picking an outfit

I did too! 

My closet used to be disheveled, with clothes flowing out, piling on a nearby chair. I didn’t even like most of my clothing and yet I had A LOT of it, A LOT more than I realized. (And plenty of items that I’d worn in high school. :))  

That’s when I discovered the KonMari method.  

Having studied spaces, design and Feng Shui for the past decade, I was always on the lookout for a method of decluttering that created an easy to maintain home, a space that supported my lifestyle and didn’t take up so much time and energy. 

Turns out, decluttering CREATES more space and time, more energy and inspiration for you in your life. 

It was a helpful, energizing event, a visual antidepressant in the form of a cheerful ordered closet! It was great to have support while decluttering: a mix of reflection and structure. --Patricia Darling  

BEFORE: Energy sapping, Time sucking

AFTER MAKEOVER: Spacious, Loved items

AFTER 3 Mo COURSE: Inspired, Reflects Desires

Releasing what I didn’t love in my closet was eye-opening. I’d been holding on to clothing for all the wrong reasons. I’d never enjoyed getting dressed, or shopping for clothes. I felt like I was missing a “style gene,” like I didn’t really know what looked good on me. 

Thinking I wouldn't have much to purge (I'd recently gone through my clothes for an exchange), I began the KonMari method in my closet.

I let go of bags upon bags of clothing that didn’t bring me joy that day. 

That was the day I found my own authentic style. Now I enjoy getting dressed every morning and finding new clothing.

I did not think that I had THAT much clothing, but would you believe I filled two (!) garbage bags with clothing that I will donate?!  

--Chloe Turner

I refresh my closet about 2x a year. Now it takes 30 minutes instead of a few hours (the way it did the first time around). Every time I hone down my joy a bit more. Joy is not a static thing. It’s ever changing. 

What brings me joy shifts as I grow.  

Even if you’ve implemented the KonMari method before, if you feel like your closet or your wardrobe needs new life, the mini-course could be eye opening for you.  

Five days seemed like it wouldn’t be enough to make a dent. I got more cleared in a few days than I have in 4 years! --Esti McCoy  

In the Closet Makever we draw on my expertise in:  

Feng Shui… to set powerful intentions in your space 

Mindset… to help release what no longer serves you  

And of course you'll end up with a closet that has space, that energizes and inspires you daily!!

The best part is: you never get rid of anything you love.

Here's the thing...

Everything you own--each little object--either inspires joy or weighs you down and makes life more difficult

Clothing is no different. It all adds up, especially in your closet.  

The stuff around you, that you don’t love, draws your energy down, decreases motivation, makes you feel too overwhelmed to begin.  

When your closet is in chaos, your life feels that way too. 

BEFORE: No space, no time. Closet + dresses in bedroom

AFTER: all clothes in the closet (no extra dressers)

AFTER: Only the loved items & they have space!

I just felt so in sync with you and everything you said, Tenaya. It was like you were speaking directly to me and my current situation every single day! --Annie Bloomfield 

That’s why I created The Closet Makeover, specifically designed to help you do 3 things... 

  • Create a Stress-Free Space (& Morning)
  • Make Life Easier, Simpler
  • Help You Find Your Own Authentic Style

You may have opportunities in one of these areas, or in all three. Let me break it down for you...

  • Create a Stress-Free Space (& Morning)

How do you start your day? Do you have a routine in place that helps you ease into the fresh new energy that comes with the start of a your day?  

Maybe you wake up to gratitude--lie in bed thinking of everything you’re grateful for.  

Perhaps you find a quiet place to meditate or journal or envision your perfect day.  

My morning routines are a favorite part of my day, designed specifically to support the kind of day I want to have (and the kind of life I want to have).

Even with two kids and a busy life, I create space for this. You always make space for what’s important.  

Here's the thing, part of your morning involves opening up your closet and choosing what to wear. What kind of response does your closet create for you?

  • Does that space reflect the simple, easy life you want to live? 
  • Does it settle your mind or distract it? 
  • Do you absolutely adore each and every item of clothing? 

I was so RELIEVED to be able to see everything in my closet. Now I can appreciate the things I truly enjoy.  

--Stacy Mclaughlin

BEFORE: 1 big jumble, who know what's in there!

AFTER: all loved items accessible & easy to find!

Getting dressed each morning can be stressful. Sometimes you don't even realize how stressful, until you really clear your closet of clothing you don't love... 

BEFORE: Overwhelming w/ floor items dragging the energy down

AFTER: More spacious & airy, Uplifted.

I had all these excuses why I was holding on to half my clothes: 'someone gave this to me,' 'I bought this,' 'it will look good on me someday'... a lot of reasons why I had to have all that stuff.  

When I walked into my closet, I would spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to wear--it was a stressful experience and a waste of time! Turns out, I didn’t need those items!  

Now getting dressed is so easy and stress-free. It’s easy to keep an organized closet. I feel more in control of my space and more control of myself. I’m no longer suffocating under a pile of unloved and unwanted clothes.  

I didn’t realize how stressful my daily experience of getting dressed was until it wasn’t an issue anymore.  

--Sheila Plowman  

The more you let go of the things that don’t bring you joy--that no longer serve you--the easier life gets, the more stress-free your day can begin.  

2 Make Life Simple Again...

There is so much input in modern daily life. Running from one place to the next. Not fully enjoying any given moment--the mind off and running to the next thing, or engrossed in something unrelated, some problem or issue that is front and center in your mind.  

It leaves you yearning for the simple life. For a time when the day-to-day seemed easier.  

Here’s the thing. Life can be easier. Simple. Full of the things and the people who make you happy. Today. Here & Now.  

One HUGE obstacle in modern day living is that we inevitably collect more and more things in the spaces around us. Everything is useful, or could be used. We form emotional attachments to things. This is simply human nature. Everyone does it (some of us more than others). 

Our things become a crutch we lean on. 

We pad ourselves from having the time to be present, from listening to what would really inspire. We pay so much attention to other’s needs, that we forget to listen to our own heart.  

The state of your heart is very important.  

When you clear away the clutter--the things that no longer serve you, that weigh you down and make your day-to-day experience less joyful--life gets easier, more inspired. It becomes life on your own terms. 

Really well-organized videos, meditations, forums, growthwork, and great opportunity to share with community forum. I loved it all!!!!! --Chloe Turner 

There is no place where this can better be seen and experienced, than your closet.  

This is a space you visit multiple times a day. With a closet full of ONLY the clothing you love, you waste less time and worry less--two things necessary to simplify your physical and mental existence.  

Make your morning easy. Give yourself the gift of a simpler, easier life. Allow yourself to enjoy life’s simple pleasures again. 

Hoorah! I'm already applying this to other areas of the house. 

--Jennifer Wetzel

3 Find Your Authentic Style...

When you clear away the clothing that no longer serves you, you make space for the clothing you DO love.  

When you wear only clothing you love, you feel more like YOU. More authentic, able to demonstrate your unique personality. Your clothing becomes a way to express your very nature.  

When you listen to your heart--what brings you joy--to determine what clothing to keep, it allows you to...

...hone in on your true style, rather than trying a few different styles every week. ...feel good in what you wear. more YOU. Authentically. Truly. Inspired. Enthusiastically.  

I didn't realize how many different styles I was trying on for size, without being able to settle on one that made ME feel good. Now I know what I love--both in my clothing and in my life-- everything I put on makes me feel like a milion bucks! --Tenaya Kolar 

Join The Closet Makeover TODAY and Transform your mornings in just 5 days!

ACT SOON! This offer is available for a limited time only!


All proceeds from this event will go to Syringa Mountain School!! 

Do you know about Syringa?

My son is lucky enough to thrive at this incredible school. Syringa is the first Waldorf Charter School in Idaho, melding a free and public school with Waldorf teaching methods--designed to educate the whole child: head, heart and hands.  

This style of education is not just facilitating learning about disciplines, it is concerned about educating the heart and soul of a child--to become a good and responsible human being who is able to contribute and make the world a better place.  

This approach to education is proven to create lifelong learners who are inspired to think outside the box and face the challenges of our world with imagination and creativity. 

What are the needs of our world?  

Compassion. Empathy. Kindness. Justice. Integrity. Community. A sense of belonging. 

It all begins with the children. When children grow up with a sense of belonging, feeling beloved, important, like their life is worth something--they may just do something remarkable. The impact they will have on those around them is exponential.  

Why Syringa Needs Your Support: As a charter school, Syringa is in a unique financial position where we don’t have access to local funding. The state and federal funding we receive provides us with the ⅓ of the dollars per student that the rest of our local public schools receive. While we work on remedying this issue at the legislative level, we fundraise!  

As a part of those efforts, we are holding a community garage sale over the 4th of July weekend, when tens of thousands of cars converge on our town for the festivities--driving right past Syringa.  

In my work, I help people declutter their homes and their lives, to live happier, more fulfilling existences. 

I was already planning to run The Closet Makeover, when I realized I could help those within our community begin to declutter (in the best, easiest, most powerful method possible!) in order to spur garage sale donations (and decluttered lives!). I could also offer the transformation on a Pay What You Want basis to anyone--inside our community or not--with all proceeds going to support Syringa Mountain School

With the Syringa Special, you can not only lighten your load and begin to shift your space (to change your life)... but you can Pay What You Want, with 100% of the after-tax dollars going to support an incredibly worthy cause!!  

Between now and June 15, you can get:

  • The Closet Makeover 5-day Mini-Course ($297 value)
  • Access to our private group forum to help keep you accountable and make progress EASY (priceless)
  • Live Training Implementation Workshop ($400 value)
  • A chance to win a 1-on-1 coaching call ($250 Value)  


I typically sell this product for $297, but now you can get it all for a donation of your choice! 

Please note the time sensitivity of this offer. Doors close Thursday, June 15 at 8pm MST. The Closet Makever begins Friday, June 16 (though you can access it at your leisure). 


If you have any questions, let me know. I’m here to help.  

You will be lightening your load to make life more enjoyable, simpler, easier. You will also creating a space that is stress-free to start your day (the Closet Makeover is a fantastic product… just check out all the testimonials!). At the same time, you will be helping support the next generation of compassionate leaders. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I truly hope you donate to this worthy cause so close to my heart--and at the same time get the energy and inspiration you need to create a stress-free closet oasis!!

In gratitude, :) Tenaya