3 Part LIVE Training Series

How to Improve the Health of Your Space to IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF YOUR BODY & MIND

In this 3-part LIVE training series, we cover:

  • How your space causes STRESS in your body & mind and exacerbates health issues... & What you can do to about it!
  • The 3 areas to FOCUS on in your home, that directly impact your well-being & how to set up these spaces to actively support YOU. 
  • What to do when your space feels stagnant & how this stagnation creates areas of your life that feel stuck as well. 

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This training is worth $597, 

but I am offering it to you for only 


When you do, you will have...

  • Your questions answered LIVE!!
  • The chance to be in the 'hotseat' where I look at your specific space and give you feedback you can act on right away. 
  • Fun & easy Growth-work exercises designed to help you THRIVE!

That means that you get access to ME & MY EXPERTISE for 3 separate LIVE trainings. 

You have the chance to interact with me LIVE & receive laser coaching on YOUR specific space and struggles.  

There is no better way to get started, than with a solid dose of inspiration & information so you can make the necessary changes in your space to THRIVE in your life!!

See you there!

:) Tenaya